Debbie Hicks Arrest & Gloucester Hospital

Here are the videos of Debbie Hicks being arrested and handcuffed for filming inside Gloucester Royal Hospital on Monday 28th of December plus the actual Hospital Video.  First Reported by the Daily Mail 31/12/2020

Anti-lock-down activist who walked into Gloucester hospital and filmed 'empty' wards is handcuffed in her dressing gown and arrested by police who turned up at her door. Debbie Hicks filmed herself walking around Gloucester Hospital on Monday 28th of December 2020
She was arrested by police on Tuesday for an alleged public order offence! The hospital deny her claims that wards are empty and pandemic is a 'massive scam'. Perhaps not the best time to film as it was an official Bank Holiday and therefore the hospital would be quieter anyway.

The full Hospital Video                                                Debbie Hicks Arrest at home

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The full hospital video I uploaded was removed by Youtube as being inappropriate content and so the hospital video you see on Youtube is a short clip only


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